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Fantasy Games are wonderfully unrealistic games of all kinds that can push the boundaries of possibility and thereby tell fantastic adventures. When fireballs are flying over your head, an orc horde is charging at you and all you have is your trusty battle axe, that's when you know you are knee-deep in our exciting and amazing Fantasy Games here at! Fight against the forces of darkness in medieval times using your swords, bows and magic scrolls.

Most commonly associated with the imagery and creativity of JRR Tolkien, the genre of Fantasy Games borrows a lot from this original tale of a pre-industrial, idyllic world where elves, dwarfs, dragons and wizards still exist. Players go on epic quests for their kings or queens. They get to meet witches and other magic users, fight against goblins, monsters and even demons and lay siege to enemy castles.

Some famous entries in the genre include the World of Warcraft MMORPG, the Final Fantasy franchise, the Dark Soul series and the Legend of Zelda games. Some of those games are light-hearted and fun, whereas others are very dark and gritty. Heed the prophecy and stand firm against the forces of evil with these free, online Fantasy Games. Immerse yourself into the lore and culture of imaginary lands and ride into battle!

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