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What are Army Games?

Army games are shooting and strategy games about the military and its soldiers. An army is a term borrowed from French into German in the late 16th century for a military force. It can be a military unit, an army or the military as such, that is, the totality of all the defense forces of a country. In our great collection of the best army games you will be able to feel part of this massive group and defeat your enemies on the battlefields.

Here at you will find new, fun army games about elite squads and their dangerous missions for free. Just finish basic training and dive straight into having crazy multiplayer shootouts with the best online players from around the world. Our army games let you command helicopters and snipers during war times and eliminate your opponent's military forces from a distance. Your tasks will include protecting important army assets like troops, buildings or vehicles like an army tank or truck in free action-filled online missions.

As an average soldier you will have to try to survive as you protect your country from evil invaders, in our fun and addicting army games. You will be called on to fight a war against an enemy with an army of your own made up of snipers, tanks and helicopters. Take cover behind buildings and trucks in the best online army games, that are tense, exciting and challenging. Defend your territory by shooting down the soldiers of your enemy's army from the safety of your fortified position. Playing our exciting and tense army games will help you train your strategic thinking as well as your reflexes using keyboard and mouse. Much fun!

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