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Magic Games are free games featuring wizards and fantastic creatures. Grab your mighty sword and learn spells with your wand. Become a part of a fairy tale and start fighting against black magic. Make a school bus disappear and build a tree house using your supernatural skills. Learn how to play piano in a second and create a rainbow in our online magic games.

Magic is anything that is wondrous and that we can't quite explain. Plunge into a fantasy world in our free magic games. Guide your character through a magic maze and become a professional snake whisperer. Wizards with long beards and pointy heads, witches riding brooms are waiting for you in the best magic games. 

Sling some powerful supernatural spells over the plains and hit your enemies right in their faces. Play magic games with your friends or compete with online players. Gather resources, learn spells and build an army of powerful tiny elves to defeat your kingdom. Go abracadabra...and have fun.

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