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Fidget Games are the latest super trend and finally you can enjoy them online! Here you will find the best fidget toy simulations, a phenomenon keeping the whole world busy right now. They were developed specifically for children and adults with ADHD to aid with fidgeting in order to improve concentration. They can also reduce anxiety and stress, improve coordination and assist in the development of the small hand muscles. Suited for all ages, they simply give you a quiet, non-distracting movement which is fun and can be played every time and everywhere. So what are you waiting for?

The most popular fidget toys are probably the fidget spinner, the infinity cube and the squeezable pop-it boards. Here on you can enjoy all these satisfying Fidget Games online and for free, without having to buy them. How about you start with Pop It Master, a cool push pop bubble fidget simulator in which you have to complete all the pieces by pushing each and every bubble. Your goal is to complete all the levels, do you think you can make it?

You can also play a simulation of the most popular fidget toy, the fidget spinner. In Fidget Spinner you are in charge to spin the virtual Fidget Spinner as fast as possible and make it rotate as many times as possible. If you can't decide with which one to start yet, then click on Fidget Toys ASMR, which is a fantastic pack of various relaxing games and sounds to enjoy the peaceful and anxiety releasing sounds of bubbles and balloons popping and much more. Are you relaxed yet? Have fun with our great collection of the best Fidget Games, online and for free on!

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