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Flip Games are stunt and racing games in which you turn your character or an object upside down in mid-air. The free online selection of top flip games here at Silvergames.com lets you spin cups and water bottles around for fun. You can even play as an athlete diving off a cliff and performing challenging front and back flips for points. Try out our best new addicting flipping games and watch characters pull of death-defying stunts for your entertainment.

It's easy to flip a bottle around so it lands on the table again. But can you do it with a cup as well? Throw them up high and make them land right side up on the ground or a floating platform above. Our best free flip games are fun because they let you pull off back flips and front flips with people driving bikes. If you're particularly daring, you can even have them diving into deep water after showing off their skills at spinning in the air.

In this sporty category you can do whatever you wish to, as long as you keep showing off fancy spins, rolls and flips. Make your character pull of double, triple or even quadruple spins as you propel him towards the stratosphere. Our amazing online Flip Games are challenging but never unfair, and will reward skilled play by unlocking new levels and outfits. Enjoy playing the best free flip and flipping games online here on Silvergames.com!

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