Swimming Pool Games

What are Swimming Pool Games?

Swimming Pool Games are soaking wet swimming, jumping and dolphin games in which water becomes your element. A swimming pool is a pool that is used for swimming, bathing, playing or for other water sports. Usually the pool is rectangular and tiled and there is a long lane of 50m and a short lane of 25m.

In most major cities there are public swimming pools where you can swim regardless of the season. Indoor pools are heated in the winter, so you can go inside to swim even in freezing temperatures. Some people can even afford to build their own pool, which is often located in the backyard or basement. 

So if you want to plan your next summer party around a pool but can't afford one, take these pool games as a virtual substitute. They can be played without downloading or registering. Have fun splashing around in our swimming pool games, as always online and free on Silvergames.com!

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