Flying Car Games

What are Flying Car Games?

Flying Car Games are stunt and simulator games about automobiles in mid-air. Here at, we have collected the best free flying car games to let you soar above ground. Our fun online flying car games feature police vehicles taking to the skies and racing criminals, each other or just the clock. To get to the front of the opposing robot cars, you will need to make judicious use of boosters or start shooting like crazy.

Ram your robot opponents out of the way, if that's what it takes to take first place. And if all this should fail, maybe pick a new online game where your airborne police car is armed to the teeth with guns, rockets and lasers and start shooting at the opposition. Surely that can't be against the rules? Why else would you allow weapons in the first place? Get ready for some extreme racing and stunt driving and prove your worth as a pilot in these free online flying car games. There is after all only one way to number one, and it usually leads you right through every other driver on the track. Are you ready for take off with our addicting flying car simulator games?

Most Played Flying Car Games