Science-Fiction Games

What are Science-Fiction Games?

Science-Fiction Games are futuristic shooting, adventure, and fighting games, where you can immerse into the myriads of virtual fantasy worlds and play through space and robot-themed fictional levels. Assemble gigantic robots to conquer the alien planets and explore the universe with your spaceship. Send your rockets to outer space to save a distant galaxy from hunger and extinction. Get on board of a space aircraft and hunt down lots of attackers in the infinity and beyond.

In these online sci-fi games, you can play a role of an astronaut accomplishing challenging missions in the space odyssey. Develop a strategy to eliminate all of the mysterious extraterrestrial spaceships and save the universe. Explore the hyperrealistic surroundings and try to survive escaping angry little green creatures and highly developed human killing machines. 

The great thing about science-fiction is, that it gives you the opportunity to go into the great beyond, where several dimensions and alternative timelines exist. Complete different tasks to prevent the armageddon or find a way to restore humanity in the post-apocalyptic reality. Get ready for the tons of addicting levels and entertaining gameplay, whether you control an army of monsters trying to dominate the Earth population or fighting as the last standing hero. Have fun playing cool science-fiction games on!

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