Stickman Dismount

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Stickman Dismount

Stickman Dismount is a fun physics stickman game where your job is to push a stick figure down the stairs, cliffs and all kinds of stages. Of course you can play this game online and for free on Try to break as many bones as possible and dismount yourself to earn points. Play this cool turbo dismount game and unlock new vehicles to perform your painful and life threatening stunts. Choose different poses and set the perfect amount of power to your jump to achieve the most perfect bone crushing stupidity.

Don't try this in real life unless you are a real stickman. Earn points by breaking bones and spend the money for new vehicles. Buy a motorcycle or a shopping cart and drive down your ruin. This is all about causing as much damage as possible so don't be squeamish. Are you ready to break a leg? Find out and enjoy Stickman Dismount!

Controls: Mouse


Stickman Dismount: Bone BreakerStickman Dismount: GameplayStickman Dismount: ScreenshotStickman Dismount: Torture

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