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Gladiator Games are awesome batte games featuring the armed combatants from the Roman Empire and now you can play them online and for free on Fight in the arena of Colosseum, entertain huge crowds and try to stay alive in the cool Gladiator Games from our great collection! All our Gladiator Games are free and can be played without download or registration.

A gladiator was an armed fighter who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire by taking part in violent battles with other gladiators, wild animals and criminals. Most of the gladiators were just slaves, some risked their lives voluntary by appearing in the arena. You can easily recognize these swordsmen by their famous helmets (galea) with red crests. Gladiators have also been depicted in a lot of modern cartoons and movies like Gladiator and Spartacus. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose one of our free Gladiator Fighting Games online, put on your sandals, grab one of the swords and start fighting for fame and glory in different arenas and amphitheaters. Such cool gladiator games as Seguis Arena, Helios and the Spartan, Sands of the Colosseum and many more are waiting for you to play. Have fun!

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