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What are Sword Games?

Sword Games are fighting games in which you're making a name for yourself by using sword and shield against your enemies. A sword is a cutting and thrusting weapon with a straight or curved, single or double-edged blade. Swords were found in most ancient to medieval cultures and in various cultural areas. The sword as a weapon probably only has great significance in the virtual world, but it also still has a very high symbolic meaning.

Our best free online sword games here at Silvergames.com will let you control elegant blades in the ancient and mystical art of kicking ass and slicing things. Run into battle as a fearless stickman ninja, throwing yourself into the carnage of combat and fighting your way towards victory and fun. Play as a capable swordsman or swordswoman and build your skill with the blade in any of our new addicting online RPGs.

Slip into the role of a sneaky and deadly ninja making your way to the level's exit. Be handy with sword & shield to defeat stickman enemies coming your way. In our fun new sword games, you will be exploring the art of making swords and throwing them into your enemies. You will be fighting off waves of opponents with swords and sandals for honor, glory and an amazing high score. Feel the thrill of combat and the excitement of a lethal duel in our top free sword games. Have fun!

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