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What are Shopping Games?

Shopping games are set collection games in which you purchase fitting outfits or items from the appropriate shops. Many of our top new shopping games here at are aimed at girls. Fashion models need stylish clothes and it's your job to put together a great outfit for them. Enjoy a little shopping spree in our favourite boutiques, trendy fashion stores and hip electronics shops. Grocery shopping in the supermarket can be a very dull affair, so these fun online shopping games for kids let you celebrate the high-end of spending money on food and clothes. Jump into the exciting world of buying virtual items for virtual money.

Start with Shopping Mall Tycoon, a fun time management business simulator in which you will have to create the largest shopping mall ever. This free online idle game will set free the ambitious entrepreneur inside of you, by opening a huge shopping mall, where you can build lots of different shops. Or how about Instagirls Dress Up, the perfect game for everyone who wants to become an influencer. Don’t you just love showing off your new outfits on Instagram? What if you could earn money for doing that? That’s what Instagirls Dress Up is all about.

Our best shopping games for girls offer you amazing selections of dresses, hats and blouses to become the new style icon for the ages. While you're standing in line in the supermarkt carrying food and groceries, you could be spending big bucks on amazing outfits and looks for young princesses and glamourous models. Put together the perfect wardrobe in these free, online shopping games. Take your time and discover the awesome looks and fantastic outfits that our games have to offer. Have fun!

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