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Insect Games are cool animal simulators and small games of all kinds, in which the tiny creepy-crawlies and flies play the main role. Insects are the most diverse class of all animals. Almost one million species of insects have been scientifically described so far, which means that almost 60% of all animals are insects. Insects can be recognized by the fact that they are quite small, with a size of about 1-20mm.

Here in our collection of the best insect games you can feel like a small insect animal with the help of simulators and crawl through the grasses or fly over the fields. In our growing games you can help a worm grow or pollinate a flower so that it can blossom. The big crawl is delivered to you in our multiplayer IO games, when you can compete against countless insect players from around the world.

Live the life of an ant, start your own insect colony, or forage through your surroundings until you're the biggest insect in the field. Here you're guaranteed to find the best games featuring the tiny notch animals. Browse through our compilation of the best insect games and choose your favorite one, as always online and for free on!

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