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Killing Games are action games that deal with killing a great number of people or animals with guns and other weapons. Most of them are shooting games, often featuring stickmen or zombies. You can play free multiplayer games where you hunt or kill monster, robots and dinosaurs. Some fun games like Minecraft are less brutal and suitable for children. Other online killing games aren't shooters, but puzzle games. In those games you must figure out how to best kill an opponent or even yourself. Play as a hardened stickman soldier, a cool action hero or some random nobody with a gun. There are a wide range of online zombie shooting games here, that you can play for free. All you will have to do is pick up a gun and kill every undead in sight. If you are more interested in a multiplayer war game, there are shooters aplenty that you can also play for free. A zombie war is raging, and players from all over the world need your help to kill any and all zombies out there. Get right into the stickman or zombie killing action.

For the longest time first person shooter games were the most popular style of killing games that you could find. You could play as somebody else and saw the world through their eyes. You could move around in dungeons or buildings as you shot at monsters. In later killing games you would move around in wide open areas. There you could climb, jump and hide. You waited for your opponents to show themselves before you decided to kill them. Our free killing games are all about blood, carnage and destruction. Make sure that you complete the games objective as quickly and cleanly as possible. No matter if animals, humans or dinosaurs you have to kill everything that moves. Even zombies need to be killed efficiently with a single kill shot. If you can earn money in a stage, you can probably spend it on upgrades and improvements to your arsenal. Maybe a faster reloading speed, bigger magazine or even a more powerful gun.

As a Sniper Assassin, Stickman Archer or even Tactical Assassin you make sure that the bad guys never do something bad again. Use your powerful weapons to kill a single person or the whole team. Make it loud, clear and unmistakable. You can usually do that by causing mass mayhem and making bodies drop in the confusion. Here's hoping that no zombies will rise up afterwards. Because they are known to go down fighting once they've got your scent. Enjoy our free online killing games here on!

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