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What are Kitty Games?

Kitty Games are about playing with cute and cuddly little cats either to control or save them. Here at we like to celebrate all feline creatures from Hello Kitty to bad kitten. These top new and best kitty games for girls are a great way to spend some time with our furry and purring little friends. Addicting kitten and puppy games are the right type of free online fun, if you like pets and other sweet and lovely animals.

Kitten games take the young offspring of cats and build entire games around them. Try out a simulator and play with balls of wool or use your paws to explore your home. Other games take the cute likability of these young pets and turn it up, creating memes like Nyan cat or international brands like Hello Kitty. Thanks to the free online kitty games for girls and boys, you can now experience the world from a cat's perspective. Give them a treat when they're being nice. And when they've been bad, give them a treat as well. Nobody can resist the cuddly cuteness of kitties anyway.

Play one of the most popular Kitty Games called Guess the Kitty. This one is a trivia quiz game with cute kittens. Are you able to define which kind of cat is shown on a picture? What if it’s wearing a big, black pirate hat? Exactly, that would be a pirate cat. In this awesome cat guessing game your task is to Guess The Kitty standing right in front of you. There are more fun Kitty Games like Circle the Cat, Cat Simulator, Sushi Cat and many more. Much fun!

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