Cat Games

What are Cat Games?

Cat Games are animal simulation games about cute kitties and and big wild cats like tigers and lions. Start our free cat simulator and help a cute kitten to survive in the nature. Let cat and dog play together until the hotel room is destroyed. Take care of baby kitty cats in one of our online games for girls. Be a brave ninja cat and fight against an army of dog soldiers. Or just relax in a fun cat game for kids here on! 

You can choose to play as a cute little kitten, that wants to cuddle and be your pet. Or you can elect to become an imposing lion that is hunting wild animals. It is no secret that everyone, be it girls or boys, enjoy free cat games. One reason being, that the variety of cat games out there is huge. You could spend hours upon hours trying them all out, and not get bored. There is the playfulness of a game like Sushi Cat or Cat-a-pult. There is the earnest challenge of Cute Cat Hospital or pet games like Pet Salon. There is the super-cuddly atmosphere of a game like StrikeForce Kitty, that combines fighting games with fun-loving kittens. There are also fun puzzle games in which you can play with cats or even as cats. 

Play online cat games for kids with cute kittens or big wild cats in the nature. Watch them chase after a mouse or try your hand at a kitten maker. Surely you know how to turn a little kitty into a beautiful cat with a little grooming and a makeover? Slip into the role of your four-legged, pawed friends and explore the world around you. Try our free cat games, in which you can pet a little kitten or cuddle with the fluffy paws of a kitty cat. 

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