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Lamborghini Games are racing, parking and stunt games with the famous Italian luxury sports cars. Start the engine of your Lamborghini Aventados and drive at full speed on the highway. Take part in exciting free multiplayer races and improve the lap times with your Huracan. Drive on a speedway and show your drifting skills. Or just park your Lambo in small parking spaces of a car park.

There are brand names that represent luxury, glamour and the finest things in life. Yes, we're talking about Lamborghini. Quite possibly the sharpest, and lowest riding of all sports cars. Who doesn't want to make their motor scream and put the pedal to the metal in a crazy race? Hurtling along empty streets, and through narrow lanes as you push the speed limit?

Others might love trucks or motorbikes, realising their childhood dreams of a powerful machine, but true connoisseurs choose the original Gallardo racer every time. In its proper shade of canary yellow, of course! In our free online Lamborghini games you can truly experience car racing, delve into tuning and pull off some risky drifting maneuvers in your need for speed. It's not a race, until it's Lamborghini. If you have a faible for Italian luxury cars in general, you might be interested in our Ferrari games, or take some four wheelers out for some 3d racing games or level up to burn some asphalt as you play online with some real trucks.

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