Light Games

What are Light Games?

Light Games are great games from different genres, in which, in the best case, you will see the light after a while. Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, where the intensity of light is perceived by people as brightness and the spectral composition as color. Thanks to artificially generated light sources, mankind can live a safe and comfortable life even in the dark.

In our cool category of the best light games you can fight like a real Jedi fighter with lightsabers and put your enemies to flight. Lightsabers are laser weapons, that is, electromagnetic waves that can appear in all sorts of colors and shapes. Laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

Play with glowing celestial bodies, park your car in the dark with only the light from your headlights, or be a light bulb that needs to get across the road unharmed. You realize how important and helpful light is, especially when it's gone. So always make sure you have enough brightness! Click through our great collection of the best Light Games on and have hours of fun!

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