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Connecting Games are fun puzzle games in which you have to bring several objects together. We're all better together, that's why we seek to connect with each other. With these fun and challenging Connecting Games, you can try to bring things together again. The collective here at has sought out the links between the many games the internet has to offer, and selected the most engaging and entertaining ones for you to play. Connecting games often present players with a puzzle or a timed challenge, that they have to overcome. The basic objective is simple. There are two objects or tiles, that somehow belong together. It is your job to make sure that they create some kind of unit, by bridging the gap between them. Sometimes this can mean that you need to lay tiles, or draw lines between them.

Sometimes there are already tiles, but their orientiation is off. In these cases you have to rotate, replace or otherwise change them until your objective is reached. In yet other games, connections have already been established and it's up to you to make use of them in the most efficient way. These free games will let you match dots, mahjong tiles or even pair fruits together. It's only when you've removed the right pieces and cleared the board, that you will get to advance to the next level. Try for example the very popular Connect 4, a free two-player strategy game in which players have to form a line of four disks of one color. 

If you are more into puzzles, then play Mahjong Fun, a free puzzle game, in which you have to remove tiles by matching them in pairs. You can only match tiles that are not blocked by other tiles from left, right or top. There are so many different options for you to combine, pair and connect, so just try out these amazing connecting games and bathe in the waves of accomplishment, as you manage to bring together what was once divided. It doesn't matter if it's dots, trains or stars. Just give them a go, and see what fun awaits, online and for free on!

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