Longanimals Games

Longanimals Games are cool online challenges from different game genres. They are hosted on Newgrounds, a website founded in 1995 and known for its user-generated Flash movies and Flash games. On Newgrounds, users can develop games and upload them for other users to play and rate. The site says it has over 1,400,000 registered members and over 660,000 entries.

Longanimals games include puzzle games, racing games, sports games, ball games and more. If you don't know yet which game genre you like the most, browse through our compilation of the best Longanimals games and pick your new favorite, there's something for everyone here.

Get into your fancy car and jet off, try to shoot basket after basket in basketball or shoot around with your bazooka and take out all your opponents. Have fun with our great collection of the best Longanimals games, always online and free on Silvergames.com!

Longanimals Games

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