Demolition Games

Demolition Games are awesome destruction games in which you can completely demolish and dispose of buildings of all sorts. Buildings can be demolished by tearing them down, dismantling them, smashing them or blowing them up. The wrecking ball, for example, is a spherical piece of steel that weighs between 500kg and 8000kg, and its pendulum motion and the resulting kinetic energy will tear down any wall, no matter how sturdy it is. 

Another fun strategy is blasting through TNT. For this purpose, the explosives are positioned at architecturally essential positions so that the structure is destroyed as thoroughly as possible after the blast. Another option is direction-of-fall blasting. This involves blasting a wedge-shaped gap in the lower floors of the building so that it topples over in one direction like a felled tree. The impact from a great height severely shatters the building. Find the best variant and try to blow each building into its parts.

Of course, you can also just use all your strength and set about demolishing the desired structure with an axe, a chainsaw, a hammer or your bare hands. In our collection of the best Demolition Games, cars are demolished, bridges are brought down, bank walls are torn down and huge towers are blown up - so here you can really let off steam. Have fun with the best Demolition Games, as always online and free here on!

Demolition Games

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