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What are Love Story Games ?

Love Story Games are romantic love games that are all about you and your crush. Here it is: an incredible love story like in the movies and you get to discover it for yourself. Find your dream partner here at with these free Love Story Games. Capture the heart of your true love with a big romantic gesture, and make all the right decisions on the way there.

There are many films, books and dramas about love. One of the most famous is Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare or Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street. Everyone knows this dramatic play in which a grand love leads to tragedy. These love story games are perfect for you if you like flirting, love and romance. If you make the right decisions, it's bound to lead to a happy ending.

Here you can hypnotize other people with a simple glace to make them fall in love you. Or you can just find out how strong the love between two people really is. Hurry! These true love story games are waiting for you. Of course, and as always, they are free of charge. You can play them without downloads or registration! Find out if you would really do everything for your true love, or if the two of you are even compatible with each other.

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