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What are Weird Games?

Weird Games are strange, weird and bizarre but also funny online games with a sense of humor. Here you can play with some stoned cats, be the dork in a gym, follow famous trollface in his peculiar adventures or become a handless millionaire. You can also experience supernatural things, without being considered stupid or weird. Those fun game category is just anything but ordinary, so browse through the compilation and choose your favorite Weird Game, online and for free on

Start with Doodieman Voodoo 2, a hilarious revenge game perfect to release some anger, in which you can perform different types of poop attacks to your worst enemy. Sounds weird, right? Or how about Don't Shit Your Pants, a funny text adventure game. The aim of the game is simple: Try not to shit your pants. You will figure out how not to defecate in your britches easily enough, but to get the 10 achievements, you have to experiment. Type in whatever you think your cornered character is supposed to do with his urgent need. Also pretty weird, right?

All weird games on are of course free and can be played at any time without download or registration. No game is too strange not to be included in our collection of weirdest online games for free. If you like chubby humor, you will definitely like Douchebag Workout game. You want to see some strange but artistically valuable games? Then Feed The Head is perfect for you! Luckily you don't have to decide for one game but you can play all of them, here on!

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