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Mortal Combat Games are great fighting and beat-em up games that you can play online and for free on Do you want to fight some duels with cool heroes and exciting skills? Here you will find many Mortal Combat Games to train you or compete against your friends in fascinating arenas. You can defeat evildoers in exciting story modes or take down the master in karate.

Mortal Kombat is a video game classic of the beat 'em up genre. This series of games is known for its inclusion of gore and splatter elements. You can kill a defeated opponent with so-called finishing moves in brutal and barbaric ways. At the time the use of new motion capture graphics also caught people's attention. One of the most popular characters of the series is Sub-Zero. A ninja who often wears a blue and can freeze his opponents for a short time with the help of his ice powers.

Immerse yourself in the world of Mortal Combat and become a ruthless fighter as well, here on All this is of course free of charge and without any download or registration. Choose between great games like Superfighters, Shadow Fights, Combat Tournaments and many more. Have fun!

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