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Open World Games are games that let you explore the game world freely as you play. Whoever said that there is a whole new world to explore outside your front door, clearly never experienced that vastness of these games. The intrepid explorers here at have taken it upon themselves to bring you the most exquisite and exploration-worthy virtual worlds for you to get lost in. Or alternatively find somebody else in, kill them and take all their stuff. Really, it's one or the other most of the time.

Open world games have skyrocketed in popularity since about the beginning of the century, with games like Grand Theft Auto III setting the new standard for what those games can offer. What they generally offer is the freedom to commit virtual acts of violence and crime and laugh at the chaos and carnage that ensues. There are also missions and plotlines to discover and to follow, but all those quests in a sandbox like environment, filled with challenges, inevitably leads to moments of wanton destruction.

In fact, this is such a common motif that an award winning TV series used it as its ideological basis for its narrative: Westworld. The always changing and always evolving nature of these digital open worlds (like in Minecraft), allow for many surprises, driven by player agency and multiplayer experiences. People from all over the world get to enter these virtual universes and get into conflict, pursue all kinds of interests and explore new identities in their free time. Celebrate the freedom of forging your own path through these open world games, as they make it invariably easier and more fun than doing it in real life. Have fun!

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