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Operate Now Games are fun and interesting operation simulators for you to see what it's like to be a doctor and perform virtual surgeries on your patients. Is it your biggest dream to become a doctor once you've grown up? Or do you just love cutting people open to fix them and make them all healthy again? Here on Silvergames.com we have collected the best Operate Now Games for you to enjoy being a surgeon for a day. Are you ready to take on the responsibility?

Play Virtual Knee Surgery, an amazing simulation game, in which players can perform real surgeries on patients with medical knee problems. Have you ever thought you'd perform a knee replacement surgery? In this game you have a doctor by your side, who explains every single step to you, so there are no mistakes made. 

Another popular one is Brain Surgery. Don't lose time and operate now the young woman, Leah, who suffers from an aneurysm. Just follow the instructions by the operating room nurse to complete the whole Brain Surgery successful and in time to save your patients the life. There are more fun Operate Now Games like Heart Surgery, Arm Surgery, Ear Clinic and many more. Much fun!

Operate Now Games

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