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Penguin games let you play as one of those aquatic, flightless birds living in Antarctica. Slide into a crazy race across the ice. Teach your animal friends how to fly. All over the world people love penguins for being cute and looking like they wear a tie suit. Enjoy the snowy mountains in our free collection of the best penguin games in the world.

Penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds. They live only in Southern Hemisphere, Antarctica and Galapagos islands. Most penguins eat krill, fish, squid and other small sea animals which they catch while swimming. The largest living species is the emperor penguin, other well-known species are the little blue penguin, royal penguin, Magellanic penguin and others.

Don't waste any more time and go on some breathtaking adventures in our cool penguin games. Turn evil and trap other arctic animals. Manage your own themed restaurant. Shoot a penguin into the sky with a rocket and watch them fly. These fun and addicting gameplays wait for you in our amazing games about these cute polar animals. Have fun!

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