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Gun Games are shooting games with focus on the use of weapons and usually require a fast reaction time. Take a sniper rifle and be a deadly hitman in our free minecraft gun games. Load your shotgun and hunt ducks or deer. Play cool online games for kids where you have to shoot moving targets with bow and arrow. Or use pistols, rifles and machine guns in exiting online multiplayer gun games with players from all over the world. A gun is a fairly sophisticated weapon used to shoot projectiles at animals or people at very high speeds. So high in fact, that the impact of a bullets usually shatters most of the things it comes in contact with: glass, wood, concrete, flesh and bones, you name it. So as a general rule, firearms should be enjoyed with the greatest care and utmost responsibility towards others and yourself. 

Luckily our fun and exciting online gun games let you forget all that for a quick game of shoot everything that moves. Whether you are a sniper blowing up heads of zombies far, far away. Or a battle-hardened stickman soldiers making your way through enemy territory, killing mercenaries and armed gunmen for survival. Our free gun games will let you enjoy the virutal power of life and death being decided by a bullet flying at people at ludicrous speeds.

Or maybe you prefer some crazy 2 player or multiplayer gun battles against opponents from all over the world? Then our gun games will make you happy! Want to build a gun and then test it on a shooting range? With our free gun building games you can let your inner weapon lover run wild. Pick your favorite damage dealer from a line-up of dozens and start a war. Switch guns quickly when you run out of ammo, or just drop them altogether and pick a new one as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Enjoy playing the best free gun games on!

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