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Bird Games are free simulator games featuring different kinds of flying animals. Help angry birds to save their eggs from green-colored pigs. Play as a flappy bird and show your flying skills in our new racing games. Start shooting birds from a cannon to pop all the bubbles. In our online bird games on, you can also take care of a baby bird tweety. Start hunting ducks and other birds with your rifle to score as many points as possible.

Play our free bird games and try to survive in the wilderness as an ostrich or a flamingo. Learn how to fly controlling a cute little penguin. Players can launch various bird species through the sky and guide them through every level. Eliminate all colorful bubbles from the screen shooting funny characters with wings. Get your own duckling as a virtual pet, train it and feed it to win the big final race.

On our website, you will find the best bird games online. Choose one of the cool flying games and take part in one of the exciting sky races. Become a flappy chicken or a beautiful pink flamingo, hunt ducks or play popular io games. Play our new free bird games together with a friend or against other online players and have fun.

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