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Plant Games are mostly farm management, garden maintenance and strategy games that will make you an expert in growing and taking care of everything green. Plough fields, plant beautiful flowers in your garden, manage your sweet crops filled with tasty fruity goodness and just watch everything you sow come to live and develop into a beautiful plant, flower or grain. This is probably one of the most rewarding game genres as everything will come to live as long as you take good care of it.

Start with the very popular game Family Barn, a cool farming game, in which you plough fields and plant beautiful flowers in your garden. Your task is to build, expand and manage a family farm. You start this journey with just a small acre, a mill, a cow and plenty of opportunities and in the course of the game you can unlock new animals, plants and buildings or even buy a bigger farm. Or how about Big Farm, a multiplayer farm management game. You have to manage the demands of the land as you build, expand and run the organization of a big farm. Part of your responsibilities is tending to your animals but you will also have to look after your crops and raise your productivity in this fun game.

If your are not a huge fan of farm games but love plants, then try Fruit Defense, a cool strategy game in which you have to protect all your tasty progeny from invading snails. Build towers on the path and fight all pests coming in your garden. Purchase upgrades and use many items to defend your fruits. Or do you want to test your knowledge against a plant? Then play Extinct: Are You Smarter Than a Plant? Interestingly, plants make lots of decisions which help them survive. Are you smart enough to survive as a plant or will you become extinct? Browse through our great collection of Plant Games and find the best one for you, online and for free on!

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