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What are Village Games?

Village Games are mostly farm management or city building games in which you can be your own boss and create an entirely new civilization from scratch. If life with cows, pigs and chicken is what you are looking for, then this game category is exactly the right one for you. Cut the lawn, plow the fields, harvest the grain, feed the pigs and drive around in huge tractors. Plant seeds to have the most beautiful garden with fragrant flowers and blooming blossoms. Do you think you have what it takes to manage a whole farm successfully? 

Start by playing the very popular Village Game Big Farm, a multiplayer farm management game. If you have always wondered what it is like to run your own farm, then look no further. Managing the demands of the land as you build, expand and run the organisation of a big farm. Part of your responsibilities is tending to your animals and you will also have to look after your crops and raise your productivity. Another fun one is Family Barn. In this cute game it is your task to build, expand and manage a family farm. You start this journey with just a small acre, a mill, a cow and plenty of opportunities. In the course of the game you can unlock new animals, plants and buildings or even buy a bigger farm.

If you are more the city type, then play Epic City, a world building simulation and create the biggest possible town. Just like in the popular SimCity game series you begin with building streets and buildings. Add various stuff to develop an urban infrastructure and grow your city to the max to make it legendary. You can also run a successfull fast food joint in your city by playing Diner City. All that matters is that you invest your profits wisely, to make sure you've beaten the competition. Expand your diner and add attractions to it, so that customers are eager to come in. Are you hooked yet? Hop on to your tractor and drive into the fields to start the adventure with our great collection of Village Games, online and for free on!

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