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What are Shark Games?

Shark Games are games set in the ocean in which you hunt or play as a big predatory fish. Be a hungry great white shark swimming in the sea, hunting and killing smaller animals. Or go fishing with friendly fishermen and catch or shoot all kinds of sharks. Build a big robot shark and let him fight against other swimming monsters. The evolution will decide who will survive. Or play one of our hungry shark games for kids and let the evolution decide. Here at you will find the best free shark games to play online! 

Ever since Jaws terrified tourists all over the world, people have understood sharks to be pretty scary. They may not be the biggest fish in the sea, but they can bite, eat and kill you easily. They are the most feared swimming predators of the ocean. Thanks to the online shark games here at you can play with these fascinating and deadly underwater creatures without being afraid of a shark bite.

Sharks are probably best known for having an impressive number of teeth that are always hungry. Most are known for eating other animals, hunting them down and generally being quite large. Our online shark games let you take on the role of these impressive sea beasts and play with your food. Our free shark games are filled with fishinghunting and fighting action and excitement as they rage themselves into a feeding frenzy. A great white shark is nothing to be laughed at, and a angry shark is a good reason to run away. 

Play with our free shark simulator games and take a chance as the Miami Shark, Sydney Shark or as a Angry Shark. Bite, attack and kill other sea monsters or dodge their move. So before you cry out for getting a bigger boat, why not instead give our shark games a try? Find out just how scary these fish-eating monsters really are and play a online game or two against them. All of our cool online games here are free, and you are perfectly safe right where you sit. Not even shark week can touch you, having a swim in the ocean and scoring points. Are you able to survive in the hungry shark world?

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