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Shop Games are fun buying and selling games that you can enjoy online and for free on It's all about supply and demand, profit or deficit. The back and forth in the world of business can be quite exciting. That is why we collected the most entertaining Shop Games in the world, online and for free. There are plenty of fun games like Diner City, Shopping Street, Shop Empire and many more. Just browse through our great collection of the best Shop Games and choose your favorite.

In order to run a shop well, you need to think of everything. Product (like records, food or fashion) needs to be purchased. It has to be presented in an attractive manner to appeal to customers, so that they will buy it. You need to find just the right price to sell. Sometimes you need to hire people, to keep the shop running, while still turning a profit. The life of a shop owner isn't easy. Thanks to our free online shop games, you will get to put your business savvy to the test. Even if you should crash and burn, you will still recover some valuable lessons, to invest into your next venture.

Play Shopping Mall Tycoon, a fun time management business simulator in which you will have to create the largest shopping mall ever. This free online idle game will set free the ambitious entrepreneur inside of you, by opening a huge shopping mall, where you can build lots of different shops. Or how about Bride's Shopping, a cute dress up game. Assist with the wedding dress shopping in this beautiful time management game. Are you ready to shop yet? Find out and have fun!

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