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What are Slug Games?

Slug Games are cool puzzle, point'n'click and IO games in which you can have countless adventures with the elongated slimy animal. Slugs, unlike ordinary snails, don't have a shell into which they can retreat for protection. This is because they have reduced their shells to the greatest extent possible or have relocated to their soft tissues. This has some disadvantages, however, nudibranchs can move much faster and save a lot of energy that normal snails need to transport their shell.

In our great collection of the best Slug Games on you can play several episodes of the fun point'n'click puzzle game Snail Bob and send the slimy guy on the right path to overcome all dangerous obstacles and reach the exit of each level. Help the slippery critter solve the physics-based puzzles in each level to get him to safety.

Snails generally have a reputation for being slow to move, but wait until you meet the slugs in this fun category! In the virtual world, there is no speed limit for these sticky comrades, and lightning-fast slugs are no exception. So be ready for some fast-paced adventures. Have fun with the best Slug Games!

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