Snail Games

What are Snail Games?

Snail Games are fun and sweet point and click puzzle games about the popular snail called Bob. There are eight exciting episodes of the slimy protagonist and you can enjoy them online and for free on All those fun little games are about getting the cute snail safely to its destination. Each level consists of a screen filled with traps and obstacles and you have to help Snail Bob make his way past them and to the exit.

Use levers and buttons to move around platforms or open doors. Make sure he doesn't fall off the screen, is squashed by heavy objects or burns himself on something hot. The little guy is counting on you to make it home safe. In each episode Snail Bob is trapped in another scenario, like in tropical island, in winter wonderland, in space, in the desert, on a birthday party and many more.

There will be new challenges waiting for you in every episode and every level and it is your task to master them and make Bob reach the exit gate each time. Click on him to make him hide in his shell and sort out problems before he walk into them. Are you ready to be Bob's best friend and help him through every stage? Find out now and have fun with our great collection of Snail Games!

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