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What are Spider Games?

Spider Games are mostly free games featuring spider man or card games. Swing on the web like the amazing spider-man and fight with rivals. Play our best spider solitaire games and try to win as much money as possible. Become a giant spider and destroy the whole city in the cool simulator game. Exciting adventures and challenging missions are waiting for you in our online spider games for kids. Play solitaire with other online players or try to sneak a kiss with a beautiful girl.

Play as an eight legs monster and kill opponents with your venom. In the free spider games, you can also become a superhero and create webs to swing from one skyscraper to another. Choose one of the cool card games and set piles as fast as possible. Be aware of giant spiders like Tarantula and Black Widow which can even kill a human. 

Experience breathtaking adventures in the online insect world. On Silvergames.com we collected the best spider games for boys and girls. Control a friendly spider or a vampire and guide him safely through every level. Accomplish challenging missions as a Spiderman, find your beloved Spiderette and fight the evil Sinister.

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