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What are Sweet Games?

Sweet Games are sticky games about the most delicious thing ever discovered: sugar. There are countless of wonderful things you can do with sugar and all of them are waiting here for you to do them. We have collected a great complilation of puzzle, adventure, clicking, baking and platform games that will definitely satisfy your need for sugar and also entertain you for many hours to come. If you are the sweet kind of person then this category is definitely the right one for you. Browse through our collection of Sweet Games, choose your favorite one and have fun playing them online and for free on Silvergames.com!

Start with the absolute classic Sweet Game, which is Sugar Sugar, a simple, yet fiendishly clever little puzzle game. Your goal seems so simple. Just fill the cups with sugar, that's falling from on high. To make sure it actually hits the cups, you get to draw lines on the screen. The falling sweet bits won't move past them, but if they're at an angle they may slide down. Play Sugar, Sugar 3 to experience the latest installment of them fun puzzle game. Are you a fan of baking? Then play Cookie Clicker, a cool incremental game where you have to click on a cookie. With Cookie Clicker you can enjoy making cookies for hours on end. Every click gets you a cookie! Before long you can trade the tasty, crispy goodness for tools and helpers to create even more cookies in the same time.

You cant't get enough of the super sweet bakery? Then play one of the episodes of Cupcake Empire. Let's get started to build a realm of bakery. Increasingly click and collect cupcakes to make money that you can use on your business. Buy and upgrade bakery supplies as you must pay taxes once a week. Another very popular and super sweet game is Nyan Cat: Lost in Space, another cool platform game inspired by the popular internet meme. Collect Milk-, Bubble-, Supernyans and other awesome powerups to run faster or jump higher. Warning! The game is seriously addictive! All of those Sweet Games are addictive, because sugar is addictive! So you better start right away and get into the Sweet Games, online and for free on Silvergames.com!

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