Candy Games

What are Candy Games?

Don't trust whatever your dentist or your parents tell you, candy is great for you! Your teeth my see things differently, though. Either way these Candy Games are sure to make your mouth water as you chase down high scores. The sweet-tooths here at collected the sweetest and most delicious free online games out there. So dig in!

Candy tends to be used to describe sugar-based confectionary, that often comes in bright colours. Beloved by children and adults, it tends to be an easy to use bribe for the weak-willed. But candy is also a symbol for laughter, joy and silliness. Which is one of the reasons why many of the candy games here, aren't just about making, finding or selling candy. Some of them simply use very cute and sweet graphics to dress up some humorous gameplay ideas and ridiculous concepts. Have you ever travelled through space as a cat hunting down cookies and cakes while avoiding your greens? Well, now you can! You're welcome.

So get ready to enjoy something sweet and not too sour, as you dive deep into these fun and exciting candy games, made with love. Solve some puzzles, match cupcake and frosting and let your enjoyment bubble to the surface.

Here you will find more collect games, funny games and match 3 games.

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