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Time Pressure Games are the perfect opportunity for you to prove that you can function well under pressure. Do you think you can keep a cool head even if there's a danger that a bomb could explode at any moment? Solving a puzzle isn't particularly hard because you have forever to do it. But how fast can you puzzle when a knife is swinging above you? Choose an exciting Time Pressure Game and put your skills to the test on Silvergames.com.

Play 'Defuse the Bomb!', a bomb defusing game. Cut the right wires and defuse the bomb before it blows up. But be careful: read the instructions thoroughly first to avoid making a serious mistake and losing your job. You can practice beforehand and memorize the steps to get everything right in case of emergency. Choose a difficulty level and hope for the best.

There is also a second episode of the cool Time Pressure Game. In the sequel to the nerve-racking puzzle game, you'll have to find a way to defuse a ticking time bomb again. This challenging game will put your quick thinking skills to the test. Have fun with our great Time Pressure Games on Silvergames.com!

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