Mini Games

What are Mini Games?

Mini Games are simple and short online games which have a playing time of less than 5 minutes. Play free minecraft mini games and have fun building small structures with friends. Try some popular google mini games or kill your time with short episodes of the FNAF horror games series. Check out an classic arcade game or relax with on of our mini golf games for kids here on!

All our free mini games aim to give you a lot for very little. Simple, yet charming graphics coupled with deviously straight-forward ideas will suck you into a fun and intense play experience. But just because our games are small, doesn't make them easy. Some of our fun mini games and google doodles are tough nuts to crack. You may spend more time trying to defeat a mini game than you would spend on a bigger one.

So let go of your preconceived notions about online mini games and go wild. Try out our wide selection from the ever-expanding, blocky landscapes of Minecraft to the gamesmanship of golf and basketball. You simply enjoy the best mini games here on together with you family!

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