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What are Spy Games?

Spy Games are fun investigation games in which you have to try to obtain secret information that will help you advance in the game. In the classical sense, espionage is the mostly covert acquisition of state secrets or other information about various topics, e.g. political or economic. A person who engages in spying is called a spy. 

Almost all countries engage in espionage, but punish the espionage conducted against their own country. This means that you must not be caught in any case during your investigation. Try to get important information unnoticed and behave as inconspicuously as possible. In our spy games you can practice keeping secrets and making the people around you talk.

Sometimes, as a spy, you have to hold out in one position for hours to get certain information. So you'll need a lot of patience to succeed in our spy games. Can you do it? Browse through our compilation of the best spy games and pick your favorite one. As always online and free on Silvergames.com, have fun!

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