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Tow truck games are driving games about large heavy trucks, that help move your car after an accident. In our fun online games, you are in charge of these massive flatbed trucks and aid reckless drivers. Move through busy streets and clean up the messes other drivers have made. Pick from our selection of the best online tow truck games and simulators for free.

Move out to get an improperly parked vehicle out of driveways or a busy street. It takes the skills of an experienced driver of 18 wheelers to lift and retrieve damaged cars with a winch or crane. Sometimes your tow pulling skills are needed due to an accident or axle break.

Here on we collected free flatbed and tow truck games for fans of these heavy vehicles. If you think you are ready for a real trucker's job, start towing small buses and cars. Huge damaged trucks and double-decker busses must be brought in to the parking lot in later levels. 

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