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What are Tug Of War Games?

Tug of War Games are sports challenges in which you have to be stronger than the opposing team. Tug-of-war, or rope pull, is a team sport in which two teams compete for strength. The teams each stand at one end of a long rope and pull in the opposite direction. The winner is the team that pulls the rope to a set mark.

In competitions, eight athletes face each other, divided into weight classes. Tug-of-war has grown from a hobby sport to a true high-performance sport through strength, endurance and technique, with European and World Championships being held. The leading nations are Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Spianien, Sweden and Germany.

In our collection you can play tug of war with funny stick figures or funny dolls. Pull the rope as hard as you can by clicking your mouse or keyboard and hope that your team is stronger than your opponents. Browse through our compilation of the best tug-of-war games and find your new favorite. Have fun, as always online and for free on Silvergames.com!

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