Get On Top

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Get On Top

Get On Top is a fun 2 player wrestling game in which you have to push the opponent to the ground. This free competitive 2-player game here at will let you duke it out with a friend. Get On Top is as simple as can be. Two robots are bound together by their hands, and it's their goal to make the other guy's head hit the ground first. You need quick reflexes and clever feints to get to 5 points before your opponent. Get down and Get On Top.

In all of the 12 levels it is your objective to win every round. Use the arrow keys to move your dummy up, down, back or to the front. Jump high and throw your opponent on the floor with all your strength. Think strategically and predict your opponent's next move, so you can always be one step ahead of him. Are you ready to Get on On Top? Find out and enjoy this free online game on!

Controls: Arrows / WASD


Get On Top: DuellGet On Top: FightGet On Top: GameplayGet On Top: Screenshot

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