Torpedoes Armed

Rating: 3.7

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Torpedoes Armed

Torpedoes Armed is an awesome action game made by Kevin Gu. Use your torpedoes to destroy enemy ships and submarines. Buy armor and weapons to upgrade your ship. Control the submarine with your mouse. Shoot torpedoes with A, D and W, depending on the direction you want to aim your attack at. Do you think you can destroy all enemy ships in every wave?

In this fun action game you have to pay attention constantly. From time to time the crane on the top right will drop off health and fuel packages for you to pick up. Swim to the box and fill up the bars on the top left corner of your screen. Once one of those bars are down to zero, you will have to restart the game. Ready? Find out now and good luck with Torpedoes Armed, online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse / Arrows = steer submarine, A/W/D = shoot


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