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Ship Games are about captaining space, war ships and cruise ships through treacherous terrain and against a wide range of enemies. You get to sail across the seas and oceans. In our fun online collection here at you get to carry cargo, build new vessels and travel far and wide. Get into epic fights with pirate ships or into an awesome space battle firing rockets in the best simulator ship games. You can even just try to get cargo from one port to another without sinking to the bottom of the ocean. You are sure to find ways to make your mark in our top free ship games.

Ships are, in a broader sense, watercraft or other floatable objects. Ships are built in shipyards. After the hull has been built, the ship is launched by means of a piling lift or by floating in the building dock. Once on the water, the ship is further built and equipped. The first voyage of a ship is called a maiden voyage. Ships are transported to docks for repairs.

Our crazy addicting ship games will let you sit in the captain's chair and steer your cruise ship through stormy seas. Use rocket propulsion to get your space ship to distant planets, and fight alien invaders in a galactic war for domination. If this is all too stressful for you, live life as a simple sea merchant and deliver cargo to small islands to make money. The possibilities are endless. From exciting action fights to strategic plotting of travel routes. Become the greatest commander these ships have ever seen in our fantastic collection of multiplayer ship games. Have fun!

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