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What are Submarine Games?

Submarine Games are strategy and shooting games about underwater ships. Play our free online submarine games or try out one of our digital implementations of board games like battleship. You'll feel right at home 20,000 leagues below sea level in our best new and fun submarine simulator games. Go on the attack on the open seas, and declare war against you enemy's army in our top online sub games.

You will find only the best new U-boat games here, ready to challenge you and make you feel the tension of being near the bottom of the ocean. Submarines are capable of submerging into the water completely and travel under sea level over great distances. In many combat simulators and board games you can use them to attack your enemy during war times. Use them to your advantage and fire torpedoes at your opponent's army and ships. Stay undetected on their radar and make sure nobody sneaks up on you either.

Play our awesome and exciting submarine games and shoot your way to victory. Use all your cunning and strategic skill to beat our fun free submersible games and emerge from the depths of the sea victorious. Browse through our collection of the best submarine games and pick your new favorite. As always, online and for free on Have fun!

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