Infinity Royale

Infinity Royale

Rating: 4.2
Evaluation: 4.2 (1110 Voter)
  Evaluation: 4.2 (1110 Voter)
Battle Stick

Battle Stick is a funny multiplayer IO game that you can enjoy online and for free on If you are that type of person with weird and slightly twisted sense of humor who laughs at the sound of a fart, then you are surely going to have fun with this top-down game with pixel graphics.

Control a little character on a screen full of other players and just try to kill them all using different sorts of weapons, like swords, TNT or some other odd things you can throw. Also, you have to absorb food and diamonds to earn points and become bigger. Try to lead the match and don’t give your enemies a chance. Have fun with Crazysteve IO!

Controls: Mouse = move / attack / speed, Space = stop, 1-2 = weapons

Gameplay Multiplayer Io Gameplay Io Gameplay Multiplayer Io

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