Combat 5

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Combat 5

Combat 5 is a pretty cool and modern multiplayer first person shooter similar to Call Of Duty and you can play it online and for free on Pick and join a room to play in different maps and different game modes. You can join teams or just play free for all and shoot the crap out of your opponents, your main goal is to kill the enemies to become the leader of the match. Use a wide variety of weapons that you can find scattered around on the field, like machine guns, sniper rifles or shotguns and throw grenades to cause massive damage.

Which room are you going to pick to fight your battle in? You can choose between innumerable options, create your own team or simply join a multiplayer battle that already started. Cleave your way through the exciting surroundings and shoot everything and everybody in your way. Be fast and look out! You don't want to be the first victim to lie on the floor bleeding. Aim, shoot and enjoy Combat 5!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, Space = jump, Shift = run, C = crouch


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