Bullet Force

Bullet Force

Rating: 4.1
Evaluation: 4.1 (819 Voter)
  Evaluation: 4.1 (819 Voter)
[] is a great multiplayer IO game about killing and evolving into stronger warriors. Of course you can play this game online and for free on You start as a caveman with a short wooden stick and your goal is to move around collecting orbs to become a greater type of warrior. Soon enough you will be looking at a powerful spartan, a demon, a minotaur or God knows what else.

The higher your evolution level, the slower you’ll move, but the larger your weapon range will be. In this game it’s one hit one kill, so you can sneak quickly at powerful players and still have chance to kill them, but it’s recommended to reach a high level before going after your bigger enemies. Enjoy EvoWars IO!

Controls: Mouse


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